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CoffeeSpot : A Coffeeholic’s WP Theme


Themes are great to show an aspect of your personality. For coffeeholics out there, you can use the widget-ready Coffeespot theme from the WP themepark to show your love for the aromatic brew. I love how each section in the sidebar is headed by a brown title bar, great for keeping track of where you are.

Default appearance:
Color: Predominantly white and gray with accents in shades of brown
Images: A header of coffee beans and a collection of several coffee mugs that can be used to mark the post titles. The unordered list bullet is actually a miniature coffeemug!
Appearance: There is a very faint gray line separating the post title with the entry information. A similar gray line lies beneath the comments links, segregating the posts from each other.
Sidebar: Separate sections for a small blurb, tags, archives, links, and feeds. It has a meta section at the bottom of the sidebar for easy logins and registration. There searchbar is also located in the sidebar.
The zip comes with template pages for : archives, contact, author, and a favorites/links page.

You can download it at wp themepark.
Link to the theme “Coffeespot”
Link to the testsite

I like this theme for its simplicity and the colors. It makes me think of lazy afternoons spent with a good book and a cuppa, and it’s pretty easy to tweak. If coffee isn’t your thing, create your own images and modify the css that comes with it. Links in posts are rusty brown with a light tan background when you hover above it. Those in the sidebar are tan, while any links to other pages on the top navigation bar are in white. The current page is underlined in white. Any subpages you make for any given page will be linked in the sidebar. Sadish Bala, author of Coffeespot, has six more themes in the WP Themepark.

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